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Intelligent forming section solution for optimized paper grade production.

How does SMARTTABLE work?


Existing forming section designs are either optimized for one paper grade or they are a compromise when many different grammages are being produced.


Based on the current machine parameters, Röchling Industrial Oepping evaluates the current situation with regard to dewatering, formation and energy consumption, taking into account the goals that the paper machine has to achieve for the individual paper grades.


The report identifies the decisive areas for dewatering, formation and energy consumption and gives recommendations for improving the forming section using intelligent and automated configuration of the dewatering elements, the vacuum and the dry substance content values.




A sensor integrated in the ceramic dewatering element measures the friction temperature.

Dry substance content


The dry substance content in the forming part is determined with a separate sensor. These values provide information, online, about the current dry substance content of the paper.


Foil angle-adjustable


Foils that can be adjusted manually or through an electric drive ensure improved formation and controlled dewatering in the forming section and as a result, optimum paper quality.

Foil height-adjustable


Foils that can be adjusted manually or through an electric drive ensure an additional activity, especially with increased grammage, and as a result, ensure optimum paper quality.

Vacuum valves


Automatic adjustment of the vacuum values to the desired dry substance content, for example, before the wire suction roll.

Lubricating water


Upon reaching a critical temperature, showers can be activated for cooling the ceramics.

Do you have questions? Your SMARTTABLE contact will be happy to help you.

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Roland Eckerstorfer

E-Mail:, Phone: +43 (0) 7289 4611-298


Better paper quality from improved and controlled formation/dewatering

Faster grade changing possible – Management of more than 100 different paper grade recipes

Increasing the machine speed for more output

Reduced sheet sealing

Reduction in the drive energy of the forming section

Reduced thermo-shock risk through online temperature measurement

Depending on the current situation, presented in the evaluation report, the SMARTTABLE can contain different elements:

Angle-adjustable hydrofoils and turbofoils


Hydrofoils: adjustable between 0° and 3°

Turbofoils: adjustable between 0° and 3°, turbo-angle on the leading edge between 10° and 20°

Height-adjustable activity foils and formation foils


Activity foils: adjustable between 0 and 4 mm

Formation foils: adjustable between 0 and 4 mm

Steel boxes


Steel boxes with integrated drives for smartfoils. Steel boxes are available in any shape or size. Existing steel boxes can be adapted for SMARTTABLE.


Contacting SMARTROLL contact

Roland Eckerstorfer


Phone: +43 (0) 7289 4611-298


Product presentation


Assessment of the actual situation

Project offer SMARTTABLE


Generation of timeline


Installation & commissioning

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