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The future of intelligent paper production

More performance and safety with ROBASMART


Röchling Industrial Oepping – leading innovator of wear parts for paper machines – is the first company to address the forward-looking theme of Industry 4.0, and is developing a new “smart” product line called ROBASMART.


The relevant values are acquired from the wear parts, which are fitted with a large number of sensors, and passed on to the control cabin of the paper machine.

Then, using ROBASMART, the machine settings can be matched and optimized manually or fully automatically.


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Intelligent suction roll system

In the zone of the suction rolls, wear parts with sensors that measure the temperature, wear, water flow quantity and noise are controlled through software.

Smart product lines



Intelligent forming section

In the area of the forming section, dewatering elements are controlled; they are adjusted manually or automated, horizontally or vertically, to enhance the paper quality.


Wear parts are replaced when necessary, maintenance intervals are controlled exactly and the order planning improved as a result. The smart products can be employed as decision aids and have a positive effect on the economic viability of the entire production process.




ROBASMART also distinguishes itself through the improvement in the paper quality. Higher dewatering, better formation, higher strengths and less remoistening are just a few of the factors that contribute to the enhancement of the paper quality.





ROBASMART products are technically sophisticated and tested and very well suited for the challenging deployment in paper machines.


In-house center of excellence



Röchling Industrial Oepping stands for 100 years of the highest competence in wear parts, the best product quality and for an ongoing innovative spirit in new and continuous development of wear parts for the paper industry.


Röchling Industrial Oepping has its own in-house center of excellence equipped with testing machines, so that the latest findings

from research and development can be immediately tested in realistic conditions that are close to what is encountered in actual practice. ROBASMART, too was tested and developed in this manner before it was launched.

Industry expert


Röchling Industrial Oepping is an innovation leader not just in the paper industry, but also a trailblazer in other industries like agricultural engineering, alpine technology, the beverages industry etc.

Work is already ongoing on innovative and smart product lines in these industries as well.

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